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Fire Extinguisher Parts

Fire Extinguisher Accessories are manufactured with the state of the art technology and hence we have the total control right from its manufacture to the workability, hence they are quite reliable and safe in all conditions. We manufacture various types of fire extinguisher equipment accessories right from liquid fire extinguishers to dry powder fire extinguishers.



Fire Extinguisher Parts    

11/2 Cap Water Co2 Cap 21/4 Water Co2 Cap with Sniffer Valve
DCP Cap 2 1/2 DCP Cap 3" DCP Cap
Brass Fire Extinguisher Parts    
Product Description :

Fire extinguisher's performance depend mainly on the accessories like valves, nipples, nuts and bolts which are safe guards of the contents of the extinguishing cylinders. We aptly manufacture keeping on the safety and reliability of the apparatus. Our products range from fire nipples, nipple caps, nozzles and caps etc.

Materials Used :
All extinguishing accessories are rolled out with utmost care and precision to requirements of the safety and reliability of the apparatus for which leak proof genuine brass metal rods and pipes are used in their manufacturing.
Application :
All major fire extinguisher's manufacturer accept our accessories for their strudy reliable tendency that we offer with each and every item that we produce in this field. Our product can go with liquid or powdered fire extinguishers as well, ensuring all security and safety norms.
Finish :
All accessories come out in their natural brass shine ness. Apart from their originality, we coat the components with nickel plating, brass buffing and SS plating or electro tin plating or coating depending on the requirements of the apparatus finishing and customers requirements.
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